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NEW AKC Grand Champion!!!
AM Grand Champion Kimbleton Taylor'd by Design
Congratulations to Melissa Kimbleton Cathers my Co-Breeder and Owner of AM Grand Champion Kimbleton Taylor'd by Design Rebelstar's FIRST AKC Grand Champion. He completed his Grand Title in 2 weeks; I think this is unheard of in Apricot Standards? Special Thanks to Michelle Breen Krahenbuhl and all the judges who placed this wonderful boy!

NEW Canadian Champion!!!
Rebelstar Where There Is Smoke There is Fire
Congratulations to Pam Delong of Celebrity Standards on her new Puppy Canadian Champion.
Rebelstar Where There Is Smoke There is Fire finished under the guidance and care of
Deborah Foster.

PCA 2014 Am Bred Dog 3rd Place Winner
Am Ch Rebelstar Book of Eli

Exquisitely Handled by Sherri and Jason Vidrine


Rebelstar Kennels
Breeding for Attitude and Affection
Specializing in Red Standard Poodles
Rebelstar Kennels is a
member of The Greenspring
Poodle Club, Inc.
Welcome to our world of Standard Poodles located in beautiful North Alabama. Specializing in Red Standard poodles I also raise Apricot Standard Poodles with Black Standard poodles and Cream Standard poodles on occasion. We have been involved with Standard poodles since 1997, breeding our first litter of puppies for sale in 1999. As a Standard poodle Breeder I became interested in Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard poodles early on and have worked hard to improve these colors. As a breeder/exhibitor of Standard Poodles the one thing I saw in the Red Standard Poodle and Apricot Standard poodle was they were not coming from structurally and mentally sound breeding parents nor was there much genetic testing and their temperaments left much to be desired. There are only a few Red Standard Poodle Breeders that show in the AKC venue. AKC is the premiere dog showing venue. While there are more Red Standard Poodle Breeders who show in UKC (this Club does not recognize nor abide by any rules/regulations of the AKC, making this Kennel Club less desirable for serious breeder/exhibitors), very few are finished AKC Champions. Genetic testing for Standard poodles is so important and anyone who says itís not important or that they "don't have to test" their Standard poodles is doing you the potential puppy buyer and the Standard Poodle as a breed a great injustice. Genetic tested Standard Poodles are important to minimize the health problems currently seen in Standard Poodles. All genetic testing for Standard Poodles should be able to be located at www.offa.org.

I am the FIRST Standard Poodle Breeder and the ONLY Standard Poodle Breeder on record (to date May 2011) to ever have won with a Red Standard Poodle at the PCA (Poodle Club of America) National Specialty held in the spring at Salisbury,MD each year. Our Red Standard Poodle AKC CH Scarlet (co-owned with William R. Green, MD), broke 3 records in 2007. Our Apricot Standard AKC CH Bree was Winnerís Bitch of the 2006 Red Apricot Poodle Club Match at PCA. Bree also placed in the regular classes 6th of 8 (this was outstanding as she went before Judge Frank Sabella who is known to favor blacks and whites). I like crossing our Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard Poodles to Black Standard poodles to improve structure, carriage and temperament. Most breeders of Red Standard poodles only breed red to red, red to apricot or apricot to apricot which has closed the gene pool and has created some health and temperament issues. I have worked very hard to eliminate these problems seen in Red Standard Poodles and Apricot Standard poodles. Unfortunately, I still see many red and apricot standard poodle web sites today that contain dogs in their breeding program that STILL have poor structure. Many I think do not know what "correct" structure is. My idea of a GREAT temperament and other breeders' idea(s) of a great temperament I have found over the years to be vastly different.

Through thoughtful breeding and careful consideration for who the parents of a litter are to be, we strive to breed Standard Poodles for attitude and affection. We institute the BIO SENSOR / SUPER DOG program for hearing impaired, assisted living, Search and Rescue and Delta dog programs. Our dogs live with us in the house and are not in Kennel environments.

Let us provide your family with a healthy happy standard poodle puppy that has a head start!

Litter Announcements

Rebelstar I'm a Dolce Kind of Girl
(Dolce) X
Rebelstar Messenger From Above (Gabe)
These puppies were born October 15, 2015.
The litter produced Apricot and Red puppies.
There are 2 Apricot Boys available.
CLICK HERE to see the puppies.

Rebelstar Twilight Speaks to Esma (Esma) X
Rebelstar Book of Eli (Eli)
These puppies are here.
The litter produced Apricot and possibly Blue puppies.
There is 1 possibly Blue Girl available.
CLICK HERE to see the puppies.

Contact Annette for specific details

Tail Docking Dilemma Solved

Historically, Standard Poodles have had docked tails. Here in the USA and Canada we still dock tails. All other countries NO LONGER dock tails. Because these countries have taken this stand on docking, it makes it difficult to ship puppies for show with docked tails. We have also gotten a huge interest for dogs that can hunt and the tails for hunting dogs are usually left long. So in the future we will NOT dock our puppy tails at birth. Rear dew claws will be removed, but we will NOT remove front dew claws (Dew claws are used to grab bones, toys, etc.).

Eli went BOV over 2 Specials in Biloxi on 5/30/2014 for a Major.

Thank You Sherri and Jason Vidrine.

We are very proud of Apollo (a Maji/Skye puppy 2004) and his Mom Laura for their service work that they provide at the UCLA Hospitals.

Laura and Apollo are now featured in a book titled "Dogs of Courage". It can be found on Amazon.com.

CLICK HERE for their story.

Matt Hagan with his mother, Judy, are proudly posing with Rebelstar Start Ur Engines Plz in front of the Funny Car in which Matt captured the 2011 NHRA Funny Car Championship for Don Schumacher Racing.

Over the years I have had people ask me to do a poodle grooming video DVD for those who wanted to do it themselves at home. This past August we did just that, so for those of you who want an informative "HOW TO" video, click on this poodle grooming video DVD case to order a copy of my personal poodle grooming video DVD.

Thank you

Annette G. Shepard

Am Ch. Rebelstar - James The South Rises Again
AKA "Scarlet" has finished her AKC Championship and is Home!

Rebelstar - James The South Rises Again
AKA "Scarlet", co-owned by Dr. William R. Green, MD, was the winner of the 6-9 Puppy Bitch class at the 2007 PCA Nationals in Salisbury, Maryland. Scarlet went on to win Best Standard Puppy and Best Puppy in Show. This was exciting and we are very proud. It is the first for the color red (though she is now a dark apricot) to ever win a placement at the PCA Nationals. I would like to thank Terri Meyers for an extraordinary presentation of Scarlet. Many Thanks to Judge E. Bivins for awarding her Winner of 6-9 Puppy Bitch and Best Standard Puppy. I also wish to thank Ms. Helen Lee James for awarding Best Puppy in Show to Scarlet!

I would also like to thank my daughter Krista for helping to condition Scarlet and for all her help every day. Without her I would be lost.

Thank you Laura Aldus for having the faith in my opinion to pick the best match for your wonderful Lucy, Scarlet's mother. Way to go for your very first litter!!!

To Sharon and Ella of Knoxville Tn for their exemplary performance at PCA Nationals 2009. Receiving her Tracking Title Ella was the FIRST Standard poodle in History to be picked for the Tracking Run and the FIRST Standard poodle to earn her title for Tracking at the PCA National Dog Show 2009. Watch for her write up in Poodle Variety Magazine and the AKC Gazette.

To Tom and Judy Harding for their participation at the PCA Nationals 2009 with their two Rebelstar dogs Drakkar and Tresor who competed and earned titles in Rally and Obedience and qualified for Tracking.

Puppy and Parent Testing & Screening Policy

We offer a lifetime genetic health warranty and lifetime warranty for ALL of the genetic issues for which the parents are tested on all our puppies. All puppies are Microchipped. Proof of SA, Vwd, OFA, Thyroid, Juvenile Renal Failure, Diabetes and PRA / Eye CERF testing as well as Addison's Screening for the parents is provided with each puppy purchased.

ServUsCanines - Assisted Living Dogs Needed

I would like to thank Susan Fleisher of Ca. for introducing Sabina Hower of ServeusCanines of Pa. to me, so that she and I could embark on a joint effort to get more Standards as assisted living dogs. I donated my first dog to this wonderful program and urge others to do the same. These non-profit organizations who help provide the training at no charge to people in need of service dogs and are having difficulty finding Standard poodle puppies from genetically tested parents, with breeders willing to donate to the program. We here at Rebelstar will begin donating dogs with correct temperaments to this worthwhile cause each year so that they may help someone who desperately needs a service dog, but the price is beyond their means. You can contact Sabina at Serveuscanines@aol.com for more information.

August 2004 - Before going to visit Jenna. This is Jenna in Action. Jenna is Click on this picture to see it enlargedBarbie and Gideon's daughter and is with Alan Waterman where she will be shown to Championship title, beginning this fall. CLICK HERE to see more of Jenna.

August 2005 - "OBVIOUSLY THAT WAS HOW I FELT BEFORE GOING TO VISIT JENNA." Things have changed!  CLICK HERE to see more on this story on the Trust and Deception page.

In Memory of Annette's Father
Charles H. Rawleigh
(March 14, 1924 - February 27, 2011)

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